The art of Weaving

Preserving Femininity in Ukrainian Refugee Women’s Art

Through the art of weaving, the beholder steps into the world of Ukrainian refugee women, where the shadows of war have left profound marks on their sense of femininity and sexuality.

Each woven masterpiece narrates a tale of healing, of reclaiming lost identities, and of discovering resilience through the shared act of weaving. The loom becomes a sanctuary—a place where individuals take control of their own narratives, their bodies, and their essence.

The project provides a window into the emotional odyssey of these women, prompting us to contemplate the evolution, and migration, of the Eastern European persona amidst the trials of displacement and conflict.

In the intricate patterns of the woven fabric, we witness the emergence of once-hidden femininity and sexuality, now boldly expressed. This initiative stands as a tribute to the strength and victories of Ukrainian refugee women, as they bravely unveil their experiences of war and their quest for a renewed identity through the universal language of art. The resonance of their work is widely felt, with thousands joining the weaving, infusing their own stories and aspirations for peace and joy into the tapestry of solidarity.

This is a moment in time; a woven and rich history.

Curated by Ludmila Christeseva

Our Works


Gul&Blå: hela Sverige flätar

SINCE 2022

Each woven artwork is a testament to the process of healing, reclaiming identity, and discovering strength in solidarity of collective weaving.